Catastrophic times make planning essential

By Theresa Gerigk, CAPI, West Region Private Client Manager

Catastrophic times make planning essential

Winter, spring, summer or fall, no season is immune from a catastrophic event requiring a quick evacuation. No matter if it’s a hurricane, wildfire, flood, earthquake or other catastrophe, being well prepared ahead of time to make a quick getaway can make all the difference for you and your loved ones.

What to take? What to leave? Preparing a box for each family member with their “Essential P’s” and keeping them ready to go, will eliminate the guesswork and scrambling when the need to evacuate arises.

So what are the “Essential P’s”?

  • Personal Supplies:  Water, Non Perishable ready-to-eat food, glasses, cash, credit cards, contact lenses, medical alert bracelet, insect repellant, water purification tablets, sunscreen, change of clothes, blanket, nebulizers, oxygen equipment, blood sugar monitors, antibacterial wipes, blood test strips, first aid kit, soap, garbage bags and plastic ties, pet supplies and childcare supplies.
  • Prescriptions - Create a separate emergency supply of necessary prescription medications, especially for those dependent on insulin or other life sustaining medications. Have a cooler ready to store these medications.
  • Paperwork - Medical documents, home, flood or earthquake insurance policies, birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, social security card, written care plan for those with special needs.
  • Power Sources:  Flashlight or head lamp, Batteries AA or AAA. Car chargers for electric dependent devices. Jump starter and or /jumper cables, a batter powered or hand crank NOAA weather radio with USB ports Battery –powered smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and power strips.
  • Personal Items:  Mementos with sentimental value such as baby books, letters and photos and jewelry and art items.

Because it’s personal, each family member should prepare a box tailored for their needs. This is why advance preparation and thought in creating these safety boxes can save lives in times of a disaster. Having these set and ready to go will make it much easier to focus on ensuring all family members and pets are safe and accounted for during an evacuation.

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