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Helping clients with alternative risk strategies 

The insurance market has hardened in recent years, making it difficult for companies to find affordable insurance. One solution that many companies have turned to is to utilize a captive insurance company.

A “captive” is an insurance company that is wholly owned by its parent company. Captive insurance companies are created to insure the risks of their parent company or a group of related companies and are not licensed to insure the risks of other entities.

The benefits of captive insurance

Captives are often used for standard risks that traditional insurers are unwilling to cover or for coverage that is unavailable from commercial insurers. The main purpose of forming a captive is to gain better control over the cost and coverage of commercial insurance. Other potential benefits of captive insurance include:

  • Lowering the overall cost of risk
  • The ability to customize coverage to meet the specific needs of the parent company
  • The ability to control the claims process
  • Increased profitability

Partner with a captive leader

The Risk Strategies Captives Practice includes seasoned professionals from our divisions, Oxford Risk Management Group and Risk Management Advisors. We are specialists in the design, implementation, and management of all types of captive insurance companies.

Our practice is ranked #5 by Business Insurance on their 2023 Top Captives Manager list. This reflects our dedication to being a world-class partner to sophisticated mid-market companies. We are committed to building a relevant suite of products and services in this fast-changing environment to better serve our clients.

Whether you are considering an alternative risk solution, or need help managing an existing captive, our team of specialists will provide the highest degree of expertise in the captive industry today. Recognizing the needs of our diverse client base, we have the safeguards in place to run our Captives Practice independently from other Risk Strategies companies. Unhindered by geographic limitations or industry focus, we seek out the best insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.


Practice Leadership

Max Jong

Managing Director, National Captives Leader

Mike DiMayo

National Captives Leader

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