DE&I Structure

Organizing DE&I for Success

We believe in a DE&I structure that is ground up, grassroots, and seeks active engagement from our employees.

In 2020, we launched a national DE&I Council and Regional Advisory Committees to lay the foundation for how we define and all benefit from an active focus on DE&I. These groups provide an opportunity to set direction and priorities, connect across our geographic footprint, and come together to explore how our own unique experiences can be shared to create a stronger and more united company. More than 50 employees across the Risk Strategies family are actively involved.

DE&I Council

The company-level DE&I Council, consists of a DE&I Council Chair, rotating executive sponsors, charitable foundation Chair and appointed regional Champions. This Council underscores the importance of DE&I to our culture and business strategy.


DE&I Chair


Donovan Nowell



Geri Calin



Charles Blackmon

New England


Marisa Tranghese

NY Metro

Ramon Sosa



Shar Banerjee

Regional Advisory Committees

Based on a grassroots approach that bridges our local and company-level efforts, Regional Advisory Committees ensure that our employees’ diverse backgrounds, interests, and priorities drive our efforts. Employees rotate onto the committee to give more people, and voices, a chance to be heard.

We appreciate the significant contributions of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and Regional Advisory Committee members. Their efforts are instrumental in guiding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion forward at Risk Strategies.