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A specialty approach to delivery insurance

Your last mile delivery business covers a lot of ground, and whether you’re ten drivers or a large fleet, Risk Strategies Transportation will help you steer around the many challenges you face, from driver safety to compliance and cost management.  

Our team understands the complex needs of your business and leverages a broad network of exclusive carrier relationships to protect all areas of your courier business, including: 

Commercial Fleet Insurance - On the highway or at the loading dock, commercial auto insurance & commercial truck insurance protects you and your employees against costly auto liabilities. But every business has unique needs and not all policies are equal. That’s why you need Risk Strategies. We dissect your risk and find the most competitive deductible and coverage limits. From repairs and replacement costs to medical bills and liability, we’ve got you covered.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance - In a 24/7 delivery world, where work and personal can blur, Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability insurance is a critical piece of your courier insurance plan. Sometimes included in a commercial auto insurance policy, but often written as a standalone policy, this coverage provides company protection for accidents caused by owner-operators or employee drivers using their personal vehicles for deliveries on your behalf.

Independent Contractor Misclassification Insurance - Couriers everywhere face the threat of challenges to their use of independent owner-operators. Despite good faith efforts to utilize ICs properly, you face the threat of lawsuits, audits, and other regulatory actions that force you to empty your wallet defending yourself. This unique insurance program offers protection for unintentional misclassification using a “Directors, Officers & Corporate Liability Insurance” (D&O) policy. You will be covered against complaints, lawsuits, and regulatory actions against your company, or against its executives/owners for any personal liability. There’s an affordable option for any budget.

Of course, misclassification problems often involve other related charges of wage & hour violations, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, etc. So, our program lets you bundle in high-quality Employment Practices Liability insurance, with special provisions extending coverage to IC claims and even customer complaints about IC behavior. We offer the most Wage & Hour protection available. Best of all, one carrier will coordinate your defense no matter the mixture of accusations against you.

Property & General Liability Insurance - You’ve built your business from the ground up. Safeguard that hard work against outside claims and protect your physical assets to ensure their continued success with a courier insurance package covering all your commercial liabilities. Whether packaged together or purchased separately, Property and General Liability coverages are assets in your coverage portfolio.

Umbrella (Excess) Liability Insurance - If disaster strikes, umbrella policies provide higher liability limits. They can extend coverage over your Commercial Auto, General Liability, and other liability coverages by providing $1 million or more in additional coverage. Umbrella insurance also provides protection for situations excluded by other policies, such as an accusation of slander or libel, extending the reach of your business’ various liability policies.

Cargo & Bonding  - Working with only top-rated insurers, Risk Strategies has developed custom insurance products to provide broad coverage for loss to cargo, including loss due to theft by an employee, independent contractor, or owner-operator. Theft by an employee is specifically excluded under property and other insurance coverage, which is why you need a dishonesty bond. We work with clients to make sure dishonest acts by an employee, independent contractor, or owner-operator are covered.

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