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What is museum insurance?

Museums house many of the world’s most socially and historically significant works. Protecting these invaluable cultural centers requires an interdisciplinary approach. “Museum insurance” isn’t a single policy. It’s a portfolio of risk management protocols and insurance coverages for your fine art, the facilities that display or store it, and the people who steward the collection. 

Museum Insurance Solutions

Our team of industry experts understands there is no one-size-fits-all solution for museum liability needs. The diverse nature of museum collections requires a wall-to-wall approach, from loaned items to permanent collections.

Our comprehensive risk management solutions for museums and university collections include: 

  • Builder’s risk 
  • Disaster planning 
  • Incoming and outgoing loan agreement review 
  • Advice pertaining to exhibitions, including indemnity 
  • Expert claim guidance and expedited settlements 
  • Engineering studies to identify facility risks and help prioritize capital improvements 
  • Safety training for people who handle the collection 
  • And much more

We work with multiple insurance companies that specialize in fine art, enabling us to secure the best coverages for your unique needs. Proper museum insurance is crucial to keeping the doors open and exhibits protected. 

How Risk Strategies is different

Bench Strength – The large number of experts on our team means that multiple people will understand your account. We believe in redundancy of knowledge to ensure we don’t miss a beat. Some of our team members have worked in museums, lending to an intimate understanding of museum insurance requirements.

Collaboration – Many people say they collaborate; we live for it. We bring in the right specialist for each of your exposures and work together as an integrated team. Starting construction on a new wing? We’ll ask our in-house Engineer and Property Practice Leader to get involved. Installing a monumental sculpture using a crane? Our Liability experts will provide pointed advice on risk transfer to protect your institution and your property.

Creativity – Our team of art-world experts will approach your risk with fresh eyes. You have a unique set of exposures that require an innovative solution. We guide the language in each policy to make sure you’re getting the terms you need for meeting your specific goals. “That’s the way it’s always been done” is not in our vocabulary.

Claims – When you have a claim, you can count on us to go over all the relevant details, understand your ideal outcome, and then negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. We are with you every step of the way, advocating on your behalf. 

Let our team sweat the museum insurance details while you and your staff focus on your institution, your employees, your visitors, and your collection. 

Practice Leadership

Margaret Bussiere
Commercial Lines Leader - New York Region
Mary Pontillo

National Fine Art Product Leader

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