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Tailored property insurance so you can weather the storms

Comprehensive property insurance and risk management require expert knowledge, insight, and resources. Risk Strategies takes a specialty approach to your property risks to craft the coverage and services you need.

Property markets change quickly. Our property insurance team tailors each program to our client’s specific needs. With traditional and nontraditional solutions that cover nearly every risk, we can create a plan to help you prepare for what’s to come. Here’s how:

  • Broad global retail and wholesale market access provide the best insurance solutions and products
  • Risk mapping to identify and quantify risks and modeling capabilities for natural hazards to identify and measure natural catastrophe loss potentials
  • Property loss prevention and control techniques that identify risks and mitigate them through physical protection solutions
  • Access to third-party experts for added help on property and business interruption exposures and values
  • Property damage, business interruption insurance solutions, global programs, capital market solutions, stand-alone products for natural catastrophes, and more

In any industry vertical, including habitational real estate, higher education, mining, and chemical, the Risk Strategies Property Insurance team takes a broader look to prepare you for any risks your business faces, including:

  • Premium and coverage fluctuations: Has your property value increased or has your business been deemed difficult to place from loss experience, natural catastrophe exposures, or other less desirable characteristics?
  • Climate change: Located in a risk zone exposed to straight-line wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, floods, wildfires, or storm surges?
  • Modern policies and values: Traditional business and cost approaches continue to be challenged in new ways from pandemic and riot and civil commotion exclusions to contingent business interruption limitations. Will your business need a new insurance option or premium that aligns with higher optional costs or losses?
  • Global economy: Has your business experienced unexpected losses from international supply chains? Do you need to re-identify, measure, and evaluate the risk with operations overseas?
  • Expertise: Are you confident that the decisions underwriters and claims adjusters make are the best in the market? Have you worried about how underwriters you’ve worked with understand the challenging market?

Get a Property Insurance program tailored to meet the needs and nuances of your particular industry and business.

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