Political Violence and Terrorism

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Certainty in an uncertain world

Acts of Political Violence and Terrorism are global risks companies face that can threaten their physical assets and global supply chains. Coverage for these types of risks in traditional “All Risk” property insurance programs typically falls short of actual need.

Risk Strategies Property Insurance specialists can offer several options that go beyond the limits of traditional "All Risk" insurance to help you manage these potentially high-impact risks, including:

  • Political Violence Insurance - which covers riots and civil commotion, strikes, war, insurrection, and other similar vents;
  • Terrorism Insurance - which covers events that are tied to acts due to ideology or beliefs.

The Risk Strategies team helps you identify key assets and third-party supply chain assets that may be exposed to these events. Our risk assessments examine where risks are located, as well as where there are concentrations of risks and values, and provide potential loss scenarios and estimates based on discrete events.

As a true specialist in Property Insurance, we can seamlessly provide the full range of coverage options tailored to address your needs — whether it is embedded in traditional property and business interruption policies or in standalone policies covering specific perils.

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