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The Risk Strategies Casualty Insurance team understands the potential liabilities you face when using vehicles for business. From Non-Owned and Hired exposures to large truck fleets, they’re many and often unexpected.

Whether it’s a car or truck, short or long haul, carrying cargo or students, having the right coverage is vital in today’s litigious world to protect your company’s bottom line.

So-called “nuclear verdicts,” a lack of qualified drivers, an increase in distracted driving, and sky-high repair costs have all helped push premiums higher. Now, more than ever, you need a broker on your side who can help insurers understand the unique qualities of your operations that make it a safer risk.

Risk Strategies can work with you to craft risk management programs that address both industry trends and your specific business situation. From programs to improve driver training and retention to background checks, vehicle maintenance, and safety programs,

Risk Strategies can help your business operate more safely and elevate its risk profile in the eyes of the underwriting community relative to other firms.

As large claims, jury awards, and settlements continue to pressure their profits, insurers will seek higher premiums to offset their rising claim costs.

Companies reliant on vehicles for their business success will find a commitment to safe driving practices increasingly critical to controlling their premium rates.

The Risk Strategies Casualty Insurance practice is a specialist built to help you find solutions within your operations and the carrier market that address this challenge.

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