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A specialist approach to music and touring insurance

Pyrotechnics, huge video screens, back line, rigging, even flying performers and equipment — an overlooked detail or lapse in coverage can end a tour and cost millions. Whether working with a new band on the rise or an arena tour headliner, artists, business managers, and touring management firms know Risk Strategies Entertainment Practice does more than place insurance. From load in to load out and beyond, we have you covered.

Taking risks off the road

Missed or forgotten insurance details cost tours millions in uninsured claims. Whether removing often-overlooked standard exclusions, checking contracts for completeness and accuracy, matching an outspoken entertainer with the right errors and omissions coverage, or running down our "Every Tour Every Time" checklist of required insurance information insurers, Risk Strategies DeWitt Stern Entertainment experts' hands-on approach eliminates surprise and uncertainty.

You can depend on Risk Strategies DeWitt Stern Entertainment to:

  • Make sure that the policy is complete and accurate, ruling out uncertainty when a claim occurs
  • Obtain broad insurance from carriers experienced with music and touring
  • Provide the broadest star non-appearance and cancellation coverage available
  • Review insurance implications in contracts that apply to pyrotechnics, video screens, back line, rigging, flying performers, equipment,  and more
  • Answer questions and provide certificates of insurance at any time
  • Negotiate coverage exclusions that are often overlooked

And if problems arise, we’re here to help with 24/7 response, technology to quickly produce online certificates of insurance, and knowledgeable experts to help resolve claims promptly.

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