Insurance for Wineries, Vineyards, and Wine Businesses

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Holistic coverage for all aspects of your wine operation

The wine specialists at Risk Strategies tailor insurance for wineries and related organizations. 

We assist:

  • Wineries at all levels of case production, from boutique producers to large, multi-state operations
  • Custom crush facilities
  • Vintners with wine tasting rooms, event venues, and bed-and-breakfast lodging
  • Vineyards cultivating grapes for their own production or to supply other wineries
  • Wine storage, wine transport, wine brokers, wine auctioneers, glass manufacturers and importers, cork and capsule manufacturers, and wine distributors

Our approach begins with careful listening. We ask questions to understand your specific winery business and its unique risks. In addition to designing custom insurance for wineries and other wine enterprises, we work with you to identify and reduce risk across your company. The goal: To protect your business, employees, and bottom line.

Expect personal service and high quality.

Understanding insurance for wineries

Having the right insurance can increase your profitability. It safeguards your assets, employees, and brand reputation. We offer specialized winery and vineyard package policies, along with a variety of other coverages, ranging from aviation to workers’ compensation. Insurance for wineries and wine businesses may include: 

Property Insurance

Unfortunately, electrical fires, wine contamination and leakage, and other unexpected adversities occur. If a winery facility, equipment, or stock gets damaged, this insurance helps pay for the cost to repair or replace the damage or make you financially whole. 

Business Interruption Insurance

If a winery needs to close temporarily due to property damage, this insurance helps replace the lost income. 

Liability Insurance

What if someone sues you? In this litigious era, customers, employees, suppliers, or investors may come after you with a range of complaints. Having the right liability insurance in place can help cover legal expenses and other costs. Here are six examples:

  • Product liability — A family claims your wine made them ill
  • Liquor liability — An accident victim accuses your winery of over-serving a wedding guest
  • Premise liability — A customer slips on a wet spot in your tasting room
  • Directors and officers (D&O) coverage — An investor sues company leaders, not just the business entity
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) — An employee claims wrongful termination or sexual harassment
  • Cyber liability — A cybercriminal breaches your winery’s order system, steals customer data, and disrupts your operations

Business Auto Insurance

Wineries often use vehicles in their day-to-day work, and these require insurance:

  • Vans or trucks to pick up supplies or deliver wine to stores
  • Shuttle busses and carts to give tours to visitors
  • Owners’ or managers’ vehicles for meeting suppliers, attending wine industry events, etc.

Umbrella Coverage

If a wine business faces bigger claims than its regular insurance can handle, an umbrella policy offers extra layers of protection.

Crop Insurance

 If severe weather - like hail or frost disease -or pests damage a grape crop causing loss of yield, this insurance helps make up for the lost income.

Workers’ Compensation

When a winery employee gets hurt on the job, workers’ compensation covers medical bills and a portion of their lost wages. To help you hold down workers’ compensation costs, Risk Strategies can:

  • Analyze your experience modification (X-Mod) factor and identify ways to improve it
  • Create custom safety programs, geared to your specific workforce and their jobs
  • Perform safety walk-throughs to identify workplace hazards and how to mitigate them
  • Work with you to implement state-of-the-art return-to-work programs so injured workers can resume contributing more quickly

Aviation Insurance

If you use aircraft in your business, we’ve got coverage options for:

  • Drones to survey vineyards
  • Airplanes to transport wine to international markets
  • Crop dusters to spray grapes with water or protective products
  • Private airstrips where guests can land small planes
  • Helicopters used in wine country tours 

Employee Benefits

If you want to attract and retain the best employees in the wine business, you’ll need the right benefits and rewards. From group medical and disability to executive life insurance, Risk Strategies can help you assemble high-impact programs that boost team satisfaction.

Federal Tax Bonds | State License and Permit Bonds

Regulations may require you to carry a surety bond that guarantees you will pay required taxes and fees.

Private Client Services

Owners of wineries also have personal property to protect — homes, high-value art collections, rare cars, and more. The Private Client Services team at Risk Strategies can assist with bespoke insurance and risk management solutions. This means you can meet your personal and business insurance needs with a single brokerage. Ready to streamline?

Tailored winery insurance programs, customized coverage

The wine industry has experienced a volatile insurance environment over the past six years. Most wineries are experiencing substantial pricing increases. This has resulted from unprecedented wildfire-related losses, totaling $371 million during this time period.

An increasing number of wineries in wildfire-prone areas have seen insurance coverage canceled. At the same time, business auto insurance rates are soaring due to increased repair costs and large jury verdicts. These cost pressures threaten the profitability and stability of the wine industry.

Risk Strategies partners with you to find creative solutions to manage your unique risks and insurance costs in this challenging market. We help you safeguard both your assets and business operations.

Why choose Risk Strategies for your wine business?

There has never been a more crucial time to work with a specialty insurance broker who has extensive wine industry experience.

With Risk Strategies, you get all the insurance and risk management support you need under one roof. Our experts understand the wine world and have a long history of navigating insurance complexities for wineries and vineyard owners. We have access to markets (and a few secrets) that will help you reduce risk and improve profitability.

From employee and customer safety to resilience strategies for your property, we help you safeguard what you’ve worked hard to build. The grapes you grow. The wine you make. Your tasting rooms, storage facilities, and more.

Insurance policies tailored to the wine industry and to your business mean you are paying only for what you truly need. Each type of insurance for wineries provides a layer of protection in case something goes wrong. This ensures your business can thrive and make exceptional wine.

As your winery grows, Risk Strategies collaborates closely with you to make sure your policies keep up with your evolving business needs. We look forward to being a partner in your long-term success.

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