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Onboarding and Integration

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Unlock the Potential of Our Partnership

Onboarding and integration are integral steps towards becoming a member of the Risk Strategies family. You have joined our family to continue to grow and take advantage of the full range of resources and expertise we have as a leading independent specialty broker.

During onboarding and integration, we dedicate our efforts to ensure your transition is seamless, efficient, and timely in the areas of:

  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal and Compliance
  • And more

The onboarding experience

Your first 60 days is focused on onboarding. We believe in rolling out the welcome mat to you and your employees, helping you become settled, and making sure you are familiar with the full power of Risk Strategies.

We want your employees to be excited to become a part of the team. At the same time, you still have a business to run. Getting to know the expanded set of capabilities, expertise, and resources we have to offer is why you joined us in the first place.

Our goal during onboarding is to unlock the potential of our partnership.


Richard Bailey
Richard Bailey
Director, M&A Integration

Our philosophy

We’ve learned a lot about onboarding and integration over more than 150 acquisitions.

Our team is guided by an approach we call bi-lateral integration. We want to unleash the best of your organization and layer it with the best of Risk Strategies.

We respect your firm’s culture and history. We joined forces to create something better together, not change who you are.