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Solutions that break the barriers to educational success

The education spectrum is coping with a constantly evolving field of risk as you aim to provide protection for your students, faculty & staff, and property.

Risks are everywhere and include:

  • Rising health insurance premiums affecting your employee and student health plans
  • Increasing behavioral health concerns that are hurting today’s college students
  • Costly lawsuits resulting from claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, employment practices, Title IX, tenure denial, fraud, negligence, and student refund requests
  • Exposure to damage and loss to your diverse property portfolio, including existing facilities, new construction, renovations, your fine art collection, and your intellectual property
  • Emerging risks from current issues such as social media, freedom of speech conflicts, and campus unrest
  • Cyber-attacks that would put your institutions and students' data at risk

You need an insurance and risk management broker who has specialized, first-hand experience working with educational institutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether public or private, system or community college, our national education team will work with you to find solutions that meet the unique needs of your institution.

We offer campus-wide solutions ranging from student health and wellness, institutional risk management, and robust benefits programs for your faculty and staff.

We’ve built our education insurance solutions and resources to focus on the unique needs of protecting your campus property (both physical and intellectual), the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, and your financial goals by mitigating potential liabilities that could affect your bottom line.

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Terry Lyons

National Education Practice Leader

Ali Rana
Managing Director, Student Health, Education Practice
Steve Bryant

Managing Director, Higher Education Risk Management Leader

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