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Employee Benefit programs for the whole body and mind

The pressures and challenges facing higher education institutions are significant:

  • Declining student enrollment and budget impact
  • A need to provide benefit packages that attract and retain faculty and staff
  • Managing rising health plan costs
  • Addressing mental health needs for students, staff, and faculty

You need an education broker who understands the complex issues unique to higher education. Our goal is to develop benefit programs that align with your HR strategy.

Our team will work with you to find creative solutions to manage overall health care spending — without relying on shifting costs to faculty and staff through reduced benefits or higher contributions.

We offer wellness solutions that enhance the benefits program and can be available campus-wide, including a robust telehealth program. We have built our insurance solutions to be customizable for each institution.

Learn more about the Risk Strategies Employee Benefits Practice to help your organization thrive.

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Elizabeth Marks
Senior Strategy Consultant, Student Health

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