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Fine art insurance: protecting your collection

People collect fine art and other rarities for a variety of reasons. Portfolio diversification. Capital appreciation. A strategic investment in community and culture. Often, it’s the thrill of ownership that satisfies most of all.  

For many collectors, the insurance and risk management aspects are less fun. Our fine art insurance specialists simplify these administrative activities (or take them off your plate altogether) so you can pursue your passion with peace of mind.

Risk Strategies Private Client and Fine Art Practices collaborate to ensure superior risk management for families of significant wealth. We deliver best-in-class coverage, communication, and service. 

Best practice: a single planning process for fine art insurance and risk management 

Insurance alone does not adequately protect a collection. Our interdisciplinary approach combines fine art insurance with loss prevention strategies to mitigate environmental and other risks. Having preventive measures in place helps you qualify for the best insurance rates and terms – and keeps your overall costs of ownership lower.

Services for private collectors

In addition to fine art insurance knowledge, our team also provides services such as: 

  • Loan/consignment agreement review: When you’re preparing to lend or consign artwork, we review all the documentation to ensure you have proper coverages and risk mitigation provisions in place.  
  • Home manager training: The people you entrust to care for your home and collection need regular training on how to protect your artwork. We provide expertise on how to prevent damage caused by environmental factors, storage, display, and more. 
  • Policy valuation: Insurance companies are requesting more frequent appraisals, and we help you streamline the process. 
  • Claims advocacy: If you ever have a claim, we have an in-house claims team to advocate on your behalf. We guide you in the claim submission process to ensure you receive an accurate settlement as quickly as possible.  

The Risk Strategies Fine Art Practice collaborates with you creatively to problem solve and maximize your insurance coverage at the most reasonable price. We work with the world’s largest collectors, as well as those just beginning to build their collection. 

Practice Leadership

Margaret Bussiere
Commercial Lines Leader - New York Region
Mary Pontillo

National Fine Art Product Leader

Kierstin Johnsen
New York Region Fine Art Leader
Chris Wise
Vice President
Blair Wunderlich
Risk Advisor, Fine Art

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