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Merger, acquisition or divestiture, investment deals are complex. Risk Strategies Private Equity has the experience to dig deeper, spotting issues that can cause deals to fail or cost you dearly before, during or after the transaction. We help ensure your investment pays off.


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Helping Private Equity Clients

The Risk Strategies Private Equity Practice includes industry leaders from our specialty divisions Krauter and Company and Securitas Insurance Partners. Our Private Equity practice handles new deals and existing portfolio risk for firms, including property and casualty, benefits, keyman and all transitional risk lines such as representation and warranty insurance.

As the largest, dedicated, centrally run private equity practice in the industry, our team has a deep understanding of what private equity firms with growing portfolios need to mitigate risk. With our longstanding history in the market, our partnership is essential for catching vulnerabilities and liabilities hiding within business opportunities.

As brokers, we understand the particular exposures you will face in all facets of your business. Our team will work with you every day to provide detailed risk analysis and recommendations spanning a number of unique issues that can cause deals to fall through or bad deals to close.

  • One misstep in the due diligence phase can cost you an additional tens of millions of dollars on the purchase price, due to high prices of EBITDA
  • Bankruptcy is difficult to recover from while trying to stay in the top quartile and attract new investors, particularly when a fund loses everything on a deal
  • Firms often struggle to find ways to cut costs following an acquisition
  • In a competitive market, it can be difficult to find the best deals for acquiring companies

You will receive tailored planning and advice to meet your unique needs. Our solutions cover nearly every possibility, allowing us to craft programs that protect the firm against missteps, bankruptcy, and bad deals.

  • Due diligence experts with decades of experience and the ability to foresee issues before they occur
  • Proprietary products to prevent portfolio companies from bankruptcy, insufficient umbrellas and D&O limitations
  • Ability to aggregate all portfolio companies into group purchased products that improve price, coverage, limits, and claims payments
  • Help you invest funds to attract new capital
  • Identify new sellers that fit your target profile and bring you new deals

When you’re facing the most pressing business challenges, maximizing your success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies, you get a dedicated risk management consultant and partner with in-depth industry knowledge and 25 specialty practices. Our clients select Risk Strategies for our strategic, forward-thinking ideology that brings together the best deals and opportunities for you. Our professionals will work with you from day one, through closing, and beyond to ensure smooth transitions.

  • Our team consists of over 100 professionals averaging 26 years of experience
  • Our practice leader created and led the private equity practices at both Marsh and Aon
  • With our large national footprint, our team is always local
  • We have over 250 private equity fund clients, giving us robust daily market intelligence

Neil Krauter Sr., National Practice Leader of Private Equity Group -

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Neil C. Krauter

Leadership Profile

Neil C. Krauter

National Practice Leader, Private Equity

Neil heads up Risk Strategies’ national Private Equity practice and its Krauter & Company division. Prior to founding Krauter & Company, Neil worked at Lloyd’s of London, Marsh, and AON, where he built out and managed the AON Mergers & Acquisitions Group. He was AON’s leading specialist in providing services to the Mergers and Acquisitions industry with well over 2,000 transactions to his credit.

Active in the private equity community, he launched the Private Equity Principal Group in 2014, which currently has over 130 members, and also serves on the board of the Private Equity CFO Association (PECFOA).