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Protection that goes beyond relocation insurance

While international relocation can be an exciting opportunity, it can also present the relocating individual or family with concerns and hesitations. After all, the employee being relocated will be living in a new country and will be tasked with not only the transition of their family but also the adjustment of adapting to the new culture of their co-workers and surroundings.

Our expat insurance can help relieve some of the stress for employees on international assignments, regardless of whether the transferee is renting (temporary) or living (permanent). Our global program covers personal property and liability at their new location.

Components of the expat insurance program include:

  • Personal Property
    • Global coverage for property in residence while on assignment, business trips, and vacations. Coverage is “All Risks” and includes “Theft” as well as “Mysterious Disappearance”. Additionally, there are no exclusions for items such as “Antiques”, “Fine Art” or “Paintings”. All property is insured for replacement cost.
  • Jewelry & Valuable Articles
    • Items insured under this heading include furs, cameras, silverware, golf equipment with jewelry, and fine arts covered on an “Agreed Value” basis. Coverage is also automatic in respect of newly acquired items for the first 60 days provided the property is already insured under this section. Please note that it is common practice to hand-carry jewelry as it is excluded from coverage while in the care, custody, or control of the moving company.
  • Political Risk
    • This coverage is highly recommended in today’s turbulent political environment and insures “Personal Property” and “Valuable Items” against the additional perils of “War”, “Insurrection”, “Unlawful Expropriation”, “Sabotage” and “Terrorism”.
  • Personal Liability
    • Protects expatriate and their families from damaging lawsuits resulting from “Unintentional Bodily Injury”, “Personal Injury”, or “Property Damage”. Automatic cover while in “Home Country on Business”, “Home Leave” is included. “Defense Costs” and “Third Party Medical Payments” are automatically included.
  • Personal Excess Liability
    • This coverage applies to “Personal”, “Auto” and “Watercraft” exposures. Limits up to $5,000,000 are available with cover on a global basis after all primary “Liability Limits” are exhausted. It includes “Defense Costs” from dollar one; where local statutes prohibit the insurer from defending the insured the carrier will reimburse them for such expenses.

This program can also be packaged with our International Household Goods Moving Insurance to create a comprehensive International Package Program.

Arrange for expatriate renters or living insurance coverage for your employees before they depart on international relocation. This can provide your workers with peace of mind knowing that they have a policy that protects them worldwide. Also, it removes roadblocks and confusion for employees trying to find a policy in a foreign country (which may be in a foreign language or contain terms & conditions that they are unfamiliar with).

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