Transparency and Disclosures

Guided by a Strong Ethics and Moral Compass

Our company was founded with a strong ethics and moral compass that guides us today.

It starts with our employees, by creating and sustaining an inclusive, productive, and rewarding culture and operating with the highest standards of trust and integrity with our clients, partners, suppliers, and each other.

We operationalize our ethics and compliance culture through the communication and reinforcement of a:

  • Strong code of conduct
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Anti-corruption policies

These serve as the pillars of our day-to-day business activities.


Guided by our foundational values, strong corporate governance has remained a core focus as we continue to grow.

How we operate

Governance starts with our Board of Directors and cascades to our management team and every employee. Our Board oversees the senior management team, meeting regularly to provide guidance on strategic decision-making and risk management matters.

With the support and oversight of the Board, we have developed additional governance bodies:

  • An Executive Committee consisting of key leaders from a range of functions and business units to whom regular reporting and updates on matters including business strategy, risk management, human capital matters, cyber security, ESG initiatives, ethics and compliance, and regulatory matters.
  • Various task force bodies are led or sponsored by members of the executive team in the areas of diversity, equity & inclusion, business continuity, workforce management, and sustainability.