Insurance for Crypto Companies

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Tailored coverage for crypto industry challenges

Are you a private equity firm, venture capitalist, hedge fund, or portfolio company in the crypto industry? If yes, you may have experienced challenges in procuring business insurance.

From coverage gaps to narrow policy language, many insurance offerings do not meet the needs of crypto businesses.  

Risk Strategies took a deep look at this issue, examined policies, identified trouble spots, and created a new solution. Collaborating with your peers to negotiate with carriers, we’ve created policy language specifically for the crypto industry — including crypto venture funds, crypto hedge funds, decentralized finance (DeFi), staking, stablecoins, web3 developers, and more. 

Risk Strategies crypto insurance coverage highlights 

  • SEC investigation coverage
  • Regulatory proceedings coverage
  • Broadest definition of professional services
  • Enhanced personal asset protection for directors and officers
  • Portfolio company directors and officers (D&O) program
  • Cyber liability for venture firms, hedge funds, and portfolio companies
  • Crime coverage (includes theft of digital assets and fraudulent transfers)
  • Competitive premiums and retentions
  • Claims advocacy by crypto specialists 

Industry Experts

James Tallarico
Private Equity Practice
Kevin Flasch
Managing Director, Private Equity Practice

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