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Surety bond expertise that keeps your project on track

When you need a surety bond to guarantee a contract or a regulatory obligation, you need a partner you can trust.

The Risk Strategies bond team has the specialty industry experience, expertise, and relationships needed to help you get the most from your surety program.

From national and international, to state and local, we have experience working with companies of all sizes and with bonds of all types.

Our industry-leading experts can help you with:

  • Small Contract (Up to $1m)

    Small shouldn’t be complicated. We streamline the process of obtaining a contract (payment and performance) bond for jobs less than $1,000,000.  Whether a bond veteran or novice to surety, we’ve got you covered. Click here to get started, or reach out to our team at any time

  • Large Contract ($1m+)

    Larger construction bonds require expertise and experience.  We collaborate with the top surety companies in the world to maximize your surety credit, minimize your risk and deliver comprehensive, innovative plans that eliminate surprises. Reach out for an introductory conversation.

  • Small Commercial

    Getting a license and permit bonds doesn’t have to be cumbersome - emails, phone calls, and days of waiting for a bond slow down your productivity. We make it easy to obtain penal sum bonds of less than $100,000. License and Permit bonds, Court bonds, Fidelity bonds, and more can be submitted, underwritten, purchased, and issued in a single, simple online process. Click here to get started, or reach out to our team at any time

  • Large Commercial

    Commercial surety bonds help businesses comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Whether you have a large development project, a Repayment Mechanism Arrangement for CMS, a Transportation related bond need, a new Cannabis facility, or any other of the myriad of complex commercial bond needs, we have the solutions for you. 

  • International

    As business becomes more global, contractual and regulatory obligations often arise in countries other than the one you are domiciled in.  The right partner can help you guarantee the many overseas obligations you have. 

Risk Strategies Surety Bond team has the expertise you need to make surety for your project simple and effective. Connect with us today.

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National Surety Practice Leader

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Managing Director
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Managing Director

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