Student Health and Wellness Plan Administration

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Best-in-class technology for both students and administrators

Meeting students and administrators at the intersection of innovation and quality with our student health insurance platform for waiver, eligibility enrollment and billing management is our priority.

One platform made simple

With one login, students have access to do it all. Students can waive, enroll, and purchase ancillary products using an online shopping cart experience. With our enhanced single-sign-on technology, students can even access their carrier member portal to manage claims with only a click.

Administrators have more insight and control using our data and automation-focused approach to managing student health insurance – allowing users to focus on high-tough services and care while eliminating menial tasks. You’ll have everything you need to manage your plan in one initiative platform. You’ll also receive new levels of flexibility for client customization and scalability for improved reliability and efficiency.

Do more with mobile

Students can use their smart phones to do almost anything—including managing their health insurance. Our online student platform was built with a mobile-first mindset. It is built to support modern smartphones and devices without sacrificing valuable content or user experience. This approach puts the mobile experience at the forefront of the development and design process resulting in a truly seamless and modern experience.

Better together

Our platform allows for more integrations between us and our clients’ and partners’ systems. When we align our technology using custom integration setups, we can transfer information in real-time while eliminating the need for manual work. Key features include real-time auto-upload and exchange capability, automated placement, and removal of charges on student accounts, and enhanced compatibility with various data types and formats. It’s an easier way to gather data, access reports, and manage student health plans.

Built for the future

We’ve assessed the needs of students, college and university administrators, and our carrier partners. With this information in mind, our development team built a platform using powerful technical toolsets to accommodate today’s environment with enough scale to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Keeping your students’ data safe

Our technology has been built with an enhanced security framework for the HITRUST certification. HISTRUST provides a prescriptive set of controls that meet the requirements of multiple regulations and standards. The framework provides a way to comply with standards such as ISO/IEC 27000-series and HIPAA. Since the HITRUST incorporates various security, privacy, and other regulatory requirements from existing and trusted frameworks and standards.

Strategic marketing & communications

Your students should know about their benefits plan before they can take advantage of it. A strong marketing strategy can increase enrollment, inform students of benefits, and communicate the value of the plan to students. AHP works with each school to develop a tailored communication plan to get the word out to students.

Customized, school-specific website

Each school gets their own customized website with a unique URL. Your website will include information on the plan benefits and rates, access to online enrollment and waiver forms, links to provider and pharmacy websites, and more. Our sites are continually updated to ensure students have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their benefits.

Digital campaigns

We use quick and efficient e-mail blasts and social media posts to inform students about enrollment or waiver deadlines, specific university requirements, flu shots and anything else you need to easily communicate to students. Our Digital Marketing Team will manage the entire process from writing content to clicking send.

Our approach to care

We provide concierge support to all our clients with a dedicated a team of student health specialists that are there to support you when you need it. Our robust team includes specialists in project management, marketing & communications, underwriting, waivers, and enrollment. Think of us as your personal student health concierge.

Customer care

Students are our top priority. We provide an omnichannel communications approach to care providing students have access to multiple venues for support. Key venues include a comprehensive online help center, 24/7 phone and email support, and online chat functionality during normal business hours. When a student connects with us, they will receive timely and accurate answer questions relating to eligibility and enrollment, premium and billing, waivers, finding a provider, and coverage and benefit details from a friendly Customer Care representative.

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