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Protecting your household goods while in temporary housing

During relocation, an employee may need temporary housing as well as temporary living insurance; but in many cases, they don’t have an insurance policy in place to protect their belongings while in temporary housing. Our temporary living insurance program is a packaged product developed to provide personal content and premises liability coverage for your transferees. 

Coverage commences once the beneficiary has checked/registered into the apartment-room rental facility. Coverage terminates once the beneficiary has checked out of the rental facility. As you can imagine, having temporary living insurance while you relocate or are living in temporary housing can provide a financial security blanket for transferees.

This program covers not only “Tangible Property” but also “Personal Liability” exposures automatically, providing transferees with both security and peace of mind while in a temporary living arrangement on assignment.

Components of the temporary housing & living insurance program include:

  • Personal Content:
    • All content is insured at “Full Replacement Cost” with the exception of items that by their inherent nature cannot be replaced.
    • Personal content insurance limit is available up to $50,000.

  • Personal Premises Liability:
    • This coverage is worldwide and protects transferees who may become legally liable to pay for property damage caused while registered in the apartment-room rental.
    • This is the part of the global temporary housing & living insurance policy you look to for protection if the transferees are sued for damage caused by fire, explosion, water damage, or smoke to the apartment-room rental and its contents. Defense cost included.
    • Personal premises liability is available up to $500,000.

  • Additional Coverage Included:
    • Bed Bug Remediation Coverage
    • Accidental Damage Coverage

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