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Building the Right Coverage to Protect Your Business

Architects and engineers face a multitude of dynamic challenges -- onerous contract clauses, constantly evolving technologies, morphing project delivery methods, and an increased emphasis on both sustainable and resilient design. We understand the complex risks that design professionals encounter daily and offer insurance products and consulting services to address your diverse exposures and manage your liabilities.

Our team members have robust industry backgrounds: several have defended A&E professional liability litigation, others have served as in-house counsel for ENR 100 firms, and others have served as professional liability underwriters or led claims teams at leading PL markets. Our clients lean on this expertise for far more than the insurance transaction itself, seeking our input on contract review and revision, loss prevention education, claims advocacy, and due diligence incidental to mergers and acquisitions.

Our geographic footprint spans the U.S., allowing us to deliver national resources locally, with an understanding of the regional issues that affect clients’ exposures. Such issues are considered when our seasoned experts provide insurability reviews and assistance in negotiating revisions that help clients avoid taking on uninsurable risk. We provide thousands of loss prevention education programs each year to clients and to local and national chapters of professional associations.

With solutions that cover nearly every risk, we can create a plan that protects you from the many exposures inherent to the design professions. Like other brokers, professional liability, property and casualty, executive risk, cyber, and benefits are among the custom solutions we offer. Unlike other brokers, we offer an unmatched depth of expertise. And our more than 5,000 design firm clients provide leverage with insurers that enables access to senior decision-makers with the discretion to provide insured-friendly decisions from both an underwriting and a claims perspective.

You need a partner with a deep understanding of the unique and ever-changing A&E risks. Together, we will lay the foundation for your success.

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