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Keeping your students healthy is the most important part of our job

We know some schools are facing unprecedented times, whether it is the lingering effects of COVID-19 or the increase in behavioral health concerns among college-aged students. We are here to support you in overcoming these challenges.

You need a partner who can deliver the best health and wellness solutions to your students. Your team will benefit from having one specialized provider capable of meeting all your student health and wellness needs.

We simplify the process by offering flexibility in program management and streamlining the student experience while providing high-quality service and care. We offer strategic planning, benefits design, renewal management, RFP management, dynamic reporting and analytics, underwriting and actuarial assistance, benefits communications, and a powerful front-end technology platform. We are with you every step of the way.

In addition to your typical student health insurance plans, we have solutions for a vast array of health and wellness solutions including:

  • Telehealth
  • Behavioral Health Tools
  • Global Emergency Services
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Intercollegiate Sports
  • Study Abroad

We’ve built our education insurance solutions and resources to focus on the unique needs of the students. Providing students with the resources they need to stay healthy while successfully completing their education is a job we take very seriously.

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Terry Lyons

National Education Practice Leader

Ali Rana
Managing Director, Student Health, Education Practice

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