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Risk Solutions for Commercial Transportation

Like a winding road, protecting your transportation business can take many turns and require specialized coverage to keep you moving. We provide solutions for a wide range of loss scenarios and work with our carrier partners to create specialty risk programs that cover you beyond standard insurance policies.

Our specialty risk offerings include:

Freight Forwarding / Freight Brokering Coverage:

Contingent Auto Liability – This coverage protects freight brokers and forwarders if/when they are held liable for the actions of motor carriers with whom they work. Such liability may occur when a motor carrier is involved in an accident involving a bodily injury or damage to third-party property and the insurance of the motor carrier has been canceled, expired, or is not valid.

Truck Broker Liability or Broker Liability - Truck Broker Liability was developed to provide immediate defense and protection to a freight broker without regard to the motor carriers’ indemnification responsibilities failing. It is broader than Contingent Auto Liability based on the policy coverage triggers of each.

Contingent Cargo Liability - Contingent Cargo Liability coverage is intended to provide coverage when a motor carrier’s motor truck cargo policy fails to provide coverage for cargo loss or damage to the client’s goods. This coverage is written on a legal liability basis based on the liability freight brokers and forwarders assume under transportation law

Shipper’s Interest Cargo - Shipper’s Interest policies cover customers’ goods against all risks of physical loss or damage from almost any cause of loss. This is an optional coverage that freight forwarders may offer to their clients to purchase but is not mandatory. It can be used to handle goods on a per-shipment basis or a per-client basis.

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