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Protecting your household goods during a domestic move

Moving your household goods is often a difficult task regardless of whether you are an employee experiencing a corporate relocation or an individual going through a personal move.

Ensuring that you have domestic moving insurance helps protect you or your transferees from being victims of receiving damaged or missing goods. While moving companies will use the utmost care in transporting your household goods, there is always the risk of loss or damage.

As an employer, providing this type of household goods moving insurance is of great importance to your employees. Not only does it signify your investment in the employee, but it can help eliminate stress and enhance their overall well-being during relocation. This often results in more loyal and productive employees.

We’ve helped many Fortune 100 companies and leading Relocation Management Companies solidify their domestic relocation and household goods moving strategy with our insurance programs. For more information on the services we provide, contact us today.


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