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Identification to recovery – Cyber Coverage Beyond the Policy

In today’s rapidly changing cyber risk landscape, Risk Strategies expertise and market relationships preempt potential coverage disputes with the most effective cyber risk insurance policy language, as well as the resources to avoid issues and recover faster from incidents. Clients of Risk Strategies Cyber Practice get seamless access to:

  • Cyber Risk Assessments
    Pairing experienced experts with advanced artificial intelligence tools, Risk Strategies gauges your potential cyber risks relative to peer and industry benchmarks. This gives you a holistic view of your security risks and provides guidance for prioritizing meaningful fixes, a framework for better risk management processes, and support for negotiations with insurers.
  • Network Assessment/Penetration Testing
    With Risk Strategies, there’s no panic-searching for help. You get partnership access to specialty cyber vendors offered at discounted rates. These built-in relationships deliver highly qualified, proven resources to identify potential network vulnerabilities or deficiencies.
  • Loss Modeling & Benchmarking
    To understand how identified risk factors can affect loss potential and guide decisions by key stakeholders, Risk Strategies clients have easy access to tools that can model loss scenarios and review peer analysis of pricing, limits, and self-insured deductible levels.
  • Incident Response Planning
    You'll receive expert guidance to craft a thorough Incident Response Plan that aligns with both your cyber risk coverage and your organization's need to operate without interruption. We’ll help craft a cyber breach Incident Response Plan that puts you in control, helping mitigate costly disruption.
  • Tabletop Exercises
    No two cyber risk threats are alike. Testing response plans against real-life data breach scenarios are critical to improving coordination and outcomes. Risk Strategies clients can access expert-moderated workshops for key stakeholders to learn the best responses.
  • Employee Training
    People are often your biggest cyber risk challenge. Risk Strategies partners offer clients access to web-based employee training sessions that help keep cybersecurity awareness high and keep them current on potential social engineering threats.

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National Cyber & Technology Product Leader
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