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Protecting your portfolio

In the course of acquiring, selling, managing, developing, or redeveloping property, today’s real estate firms and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) face a varied, often complicated, range of risks and challenges including:

  • Asset valuations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions in a competitive industry
  • Environmental, social, and governance issues
  • Portfolio management during periods of market volatility
  • Environmental liability
  • Data breaches

Environmental liability risks can be one of the costliest, making identification and mitigation of these risks critical to protecting the bottom line. For real estate firms and REITs involved in acquisitions, divestitures, or development, getting the due diligence right is critical in each situation.

REITs are attractive investments with a large return on investment potential through a diversified portfolio. Whether you own or operate an equity, mortgage, or hybrid REIT, you want to ensure your investment is adequately protected with a comprehensive insurance package that includes:

At Risk Strategies, our insurance industry professionals partner with you to craft a tailored insurance and risk management program that provides tools for recovery caused by a series of first- and third-party events, moderates and controls spikes in cash flows, and results in a positive impact to your firm’s financials.

In addition to a comprehensive insurance package, our risk management and loss control team can help identify and mitigate your REIT-specific risks with a variety of proactive services including property engineering, environmental audits, catastrophe modeling, building valuations, and more.

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