Managed Care

HMOs and Health Plans

HMOs and health plans are experiencing unprecedented pressure to control costs, improve quality and maintain competitive pricing. The right reinsurance coverage can mitigate the impact of these pressures. Risk Strategies helps clients identify past inadequate coverage, determine the right level of reinsurance coverage and negotiate the best rates with reinsurers. Other services include aggregate stop loss as well as property and casualty.
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Health Care Providers

Because the levels of financial risk being assumed by health care providers varies widely, provider excess insurance can be a useful tool to protect at-risk health care providers from unanticipated loss. The Risk Strategies health care team builds coverage programs with varying retentions and coinsurance levels to accommodate the individual risk appetite of each provider client---from minimal to unlimited limits of liability.
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Accountable Care Organizations

The levels of financial risk being assumed by Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) varies widely, as does the period of time over which risk is assumed. As the largest managed care stop loss broker in the country, Risk Strategies is well positioned to develop risk transfer programs with commercial insurance companies that meet the unique needs of each ACO.
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Claims Service Center

The Risk Strategies Managed Care Claims Service Center provides best-in-class claims services, acts as an extension of your operations and is provided at no additional cost to you. From tracking payments to quarterly executive reports, we save you time and money by serving as a central repository for all claim-related activity between you and the reinsurer/insurer.
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Financial Analysis

Utilizing a detailed financial analysis, the Risk Strategies Managed Care Financial Analysis Center reviews clients’ overall insurance program and then evaluates various reinsurance/insurance options in order to provide customized coverage, not canned solutions. With deep industry experience, the team builds programs with the right balance of insurance and self-insurance, ensuring overall coverage is appropriate for each client’s exposure and tolerance for risk.

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