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Keeping workers safe and costs down in a risky business

Waste management and recycling are dynamic, risky industries that require a comprehensive approach to handling their unique liabilities. From recycling facilities to hazardous and non-hazardous waste haulers and landfills, we understand the dangers and intricacies of your business and craft a customized program at the best possible cost to protect your assets, employees, and bottom line.

Drawing on more than 40 years of combined specialty expertise, our Waste & Recycling Practice provides coverage for a wide range of exposures, such as workers’ compensation, automobile liability and physical damage, general liability, excess liability, environmental and pollution liability, bonding, cyber liability, and management liability, including directors & officers.

Due to the increased exposure and liability facing waste and recycling companies, it can be difficult to secure adequate coverage. We use our skills to mitigate your risk and our relationships to develop specialized insurance plans.

Our solutions and capabilities include:

  • Safety training and resources tailored to your specific operational risk to improve safety practices and scores
  • Risk management, including loss control and robust claims advocacy, to help keep claim costs down
  • Customized insurance programs designed to provide the most cost-effective solutions

In a complex industry with many exposures, you need a partner who is ready to meet your challenges and give you specialized coverage. We understand the nuances of the market to provide you with a full assessment and risk management plan for every liability.

Industry Events

National Waste & Recycling Association Women's Council President’s Conference: The National Waste & Recycling Association's (NWRA) 2022 Women’s Council President’s Conference is hosted by Pam Caron, SVP. The Women’s Council is dedicated to advancing and promoting the waste and recycling industry and giving back to our member companies through education, networking, professional development, and the award of academic scholarships.


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Pam Caron
Pam Caron

National Waste & Recycling Practice Leader

Megan Feehan
Megan Feehan

Vice President

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