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A specialist approach to film and television production insurance

With a legacy stretching back over 100 years, Risk Strategies DeWitt Stern Entertainment Practice has remained the premier name for risk management in film and television risk management and insurance by anticipating changes and helping clients cost-effectively move in step with new technologies and techniques.

You get more than insurance for your TV or film production with Risk Strategies DeWitt Stern Entertainment. Our industry experts are hands-on risk advisors. By reviewing a feature film script well in advance of production, for instance, we can evaluate stunts and document special hazards to advise on mitigation methods that improve insurability and lower costs.

Reducing production risk no matter the location

Film and Television production insurance is a coast-to-coast and around-the-world need. Wherever your production takes you and however complex the shoot, our Entertainment Practice has you covered. We collaborate with the leading media & entertainment professionals and production houses in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia, and China.

Long-established relationships with all major film and media insurers worldwide mean we can provide no-gap production insurance for any shooting location.

No matter where you shoot, or how you’re doing it, you can depend on Risk Strategies DeWitt Stern Entertainment Practice film and TV brokers to:

  • Review scripts, budgets, and shooting schedules to help you get stunts approved and special coverage issued without delay
  • Understand your project so you will have needed insurance without unnecessary exclusions, and at the best price
  • Simplify potentially difficult processes to help obtain finance documents and certificates for location permits quickly
  • Settle your claims promptly and efficiently

Risk Strategies DeWitt Stern Entertainment Practice has the largest, most experienced staff of film and television insurance brokers in the United States. We're able to coordinate our collective talents to cover everything from basic needs like employee benefits and general liability to any type of specialty risk or issue- performance disruption to essential element cast; advertising wrap-up to non-appearance and tax incentives.

Practice Leadership

John Hamby

National Entertainment Practice Leader

Lida Davidians

Senior Vice President, West Coast

Edward Shaara
Senior Account Manager,  East Coast
Abigail Flaherty
Senior Account Manager
Rona Lind
Senior Vice President, East Coast

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