Dental Malpractice Insurance

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Start with dental malpractice insurance and build from there

If someone alleges you made a treatment error that injured a patient, you face expenses to defend yourself. Dental malpractice insurance helps protect you against those expenses. A good policy also provides coverage for State Board complaints.

The type of policy you need depends on where you are in your career journey. A Risk Strategies advisor helps you identify the correct coverage for your specific situation. 

Individual Professional Liability for Dentists

Even the best dentists occasionally face lawsuits from patients, who allege a treatment or recommendation caused harm. Professional liability insurance helps protect your reputation and pocketbook against claims of wrongdoing.

Entity Professional Liability

If a lawsuit names your practice as a defendant, entity professional liability helps with the costs. Note: While it may be possible to add your practice as an “additional insured” on your individual professional liability policy, you will need separate entity coverage if you employ other dental practitioners (i.e., associates, hygienists). 

Group Professional Liability

As a solo practice turns into a group practice, coordinating the individual professional liability coverage of the associate doctors can be difficult. Also, as a practice grows, plaintiffs are more likely to sue the practice entity due to the perception of “deeper pockets.” Group professional liability insurance protects you.

Insurance for Dental Businesses

In addition to dental malpractice insurance, dental offices need to consider a variety of risks and insurance types. For example:

Dental Business Owners Policy (BOP)

This insurance safeguards business property you own (on premises) and protects against third-party public liability (e.g., someone trips in your office and sues you). You’ll need this coverage for every business location you occupy. The policy includes a property limit, which insures your building, leasehold improvements, furniture, equipment, and supplies against perils of fire, theft, windstorm, water, vandalism, and so forth. And it includes a “general liability” (public liability) limit for your practice.

Business Disability Insurance

Most doctors are familiar with “personal income replacement disability,” but what happens to a practice when an owner-dentist can’t work due to a disability? It’s possible to structure disability insurance to cover the ongoing expenses of a dental practice (or make a payment on a practice-related loan) if the owner/operator dentist cannot work because of a disability. This type of policy helps ensure business continuity.

Workers' Compensation

If an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation helps pay lost wages and medical expenses. Most states require workers’ comp, except Texas. Important note: If you do not carry workers’ compensation in Texas, you give up your common law defenses and therefore become immediately responsible for all expenses related to the work-related injury or illness. If you carry worker’s compensation coverage, an injured employee cannot sue you.

Additional coverages we offer

  • Data Breach/Cyber Liability for dental offices
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability
  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage
  • Small and Large Group Health Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • ERISA Bond for 401(k) plans and so forth
  • Key Person Life and Disability
  • Life and Disability Buy-Sell Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Policy
  • Commercial Flood Insurance
  • Commercial Earthquake Insurance

Practice Leaders

Dental Practice Leader
Kyle Wallace

Kyle Wallace

Dental Practice Leader

Kyle has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry. The last 25 has been spent working exclusively with dentists of all specialties and dental practices of all sizes. Kyle is recognized in the dental community as an authority on dental practice risk management and malpractice claims prevention. He often speaks to groups of dentists on this subject, has taught the risk management portion of the AGD Master Track program in Dallas, written several articles for Doctor of Dentistry magazine and was a contributing author for the book, “The Practice Launchpad.”

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Vice President | Team Lead
Ann Hettrick

Ann Hettrick

Vice President | Team Lead

Ann received her Bachelor of Science in special education from Penn State University (Go Nittany Lions!) and has her Master of Education in applied behavior analysis from Arizona State University. She has 12 years of professional experience including 3 years in the insurance industry. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, passion for helping others, strong work ethic, and growth mindset are just some of Ann’s qualities that allow her to bring excellence to Wallace Specialty. She is committed to creating a multi-faceted program tailored to her clients’ unique needs that fosters their personal and professional growth.

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Vice President | Business Development
Herb Ford

Herb Ford

Vice President | Business Development

Herb has 5 years of experience in the insurance industry. At Wallace Specialty, Herb thrives in the roles that he naturally succeeds in. With the ability to build a career through the activities and conversations that he enjoys having, he can bring excellence by enjoying what he does and being open to growth. With the desire to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals within the industry, he commits that he’ll provide educated and reliable information.

Herb received a bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics with a Minor in Astronomy from Allegheny College. He played on the Allegheny Men’s Golf team in college. After graduating, Herb went to work for Merrill in a financial advisor program for 1.5 years prior to joining Wallace Specialty.

In his spare time he works with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Young Professional’s group, plays golf, and looks for wine tastings. He’s always looking to build new connections, create stories, and make new friendships.

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