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It’s time to get more discerning

When buying property, many of us seek out a few “must-haves.” You may consult a realtor to access a desired neighborhood or an architect to realize your vision. Unfortunately, this scrutiny doesn’t always extend to insurance. We’re here to change that.

As your residential real estate portfolio expands, so do your coverage options. You no longer need to retrofit into a homeowners policy designed for everyone else.

We’ve seen just about every type of home, be it a remote country estate or a sleek high-rise penthouse. This context allows us to introduce protection must-haves and set a more solid foundation for personal risk management.

Coverage considerations

The good news: insurance carriers offer more solutions than ever to tackle issues that contribute to property damage. The downside? There are way more decisions to make.

Whether you own one primary residence or multiple homes around the world, your Risk Strategies broker will explain how to augment, modify, or supplement the coverage in your policy to match not only your needs but also your comfort level. From setting appropriate limits to choosing your deductible, we’ll base each recommendation on what’s important to you.

Beyond conventional concerns, we can address:

  • Seasonal and secondary homes
  • Flood
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Rental property
  • Historic homes
  • Other structures on your property

Preservation, mitigation, recovery, resilience

A well-prepared home is much more resilient. That’s why we stay closely connected to our clients all year long, sharing practical recommendations drawn from real-world experience and real-time analysis.

Our philosophy of specialization means you gain access to a deep well of resources to plan for known threats and rebound quickly if the unexpected happens.

We address claims with urgency and care but are equally committed to helping you avoid problems from the outset. Together we can navigate:

  • Extreme weather highs and lows
  • Hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters
  • Interior water damage
  • Burglary and security concerns
  • Environmental and sustainability impact
  • Routine upkeep to avoid accidents around the property

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