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Prevention that pays off

Whether workers' compensation, auto, or general liability, your claims cost you money.

For businesses with guaranteed cost coverage, as well as those with a deductible, higher claims costs will eventually lead to higher premiums or even unavailability of coverage.

Workplace injuries that result in claims also hit your productivity and bottom line. From finding and training an injured worker’s replacement – especially in a tight labor market – to HR involvement and administrative issues taking up management time, it all adds up.

Working closely with the Risk Strategies Claims and Loss Control team, the Risk Strategies Casualty Practice can enhance your ability to reduce or eliminate accidents, and the costs that come with them. Working together, we:

  • Identify loss trends
  • Find claim reduction solutions
  • Prepare for the underwriting process
  • Maximize claim payments for our clients
  • Assist in the return-to-work process for injured workers

Preventing losses takes specialization and a holistic approach — across the entire framework of the organization, across all types of risk.

  • Our internal team undertakes prevention and assessment by the type of facility as well as by line of coverage.
  • Our safety professionals and engineers team up to review all serious claims, looking for exposure issues and mitigation possibilities to reduce the likelihood they’ll happen again.
  • Direct coordination with our Claims & Analytics team allows us to quickly identify trends and provide specific solutions to address avoiding future claims.

To protect their interests, insurers will often require a location inspection prior to offering coverage. Risk Strategies Casualty can help before and after these meetings, advising on ways to show their facilities in the best light and offering guidance on effective responses to questions that may arise. In addition, we can ensure the carrier’s engineers have credible information on the work clients have done to reduce or eliminate claims.

Risk Strategies Casualty knows effective claims advocacy and loss control is a key to effective coverage. It helps you get the best program possible and generate competition and interest in the carrier market for your business.

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