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Protecting your property and managing your risk

Whether you’re in the business of buying, selling, leasing, managing, developing, or redeveloping property, you have a lot to oversee. With so many factors in play, an off-the-shelf approach to insurance will not protect you or your business should disaster strike.

The real estate industry has faced many obstacles in recent years, from climate change to the COVID-19 pandemic to the new and changing laws and regulations in between. At Risk Strategies, our breadth of knowledge and specialty focus allows us to take a deep dive into the ever-evolving exposures your real estate business faces, including:

  • Environmental/climate-related issues, including coverage gaps, exclusions & losses due to water, wind, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other catastrophic weather events
  • Shifting laws and regulations, notably labor laws in states like California and New York
  • Social inflation due to recent trends, leading to rising claims costs, increased litigation, new negligence concepts, broader definitions of liability, and larger compensatory jury awards
  • Exclusionary languages, specifically those related to increasing tragic events like shootings
  • Builder’s risk challenges as extended projects are making it increasingly difficult to obtain the full policy limit amount that is needed from start to finish

The hard market is in a state of transition as we’re facing increasing premiums and deductibles, reduced limits, and declining coverage in flood and wildfire zones. Along with the coverages necessary to tackle these obstacles, such as property and casualty, professional, management, catastrophic loss, and environmental liability, we offer:

  • Critical reading and analysis of governing documents for residential associations, joint venture agreements, development projects, and tenant leases
  • Loss forecasts, analytical modeling, and benchmarking
  • In-depth claim analysis and review on a continuous basis
  • COPE data gathering and validation
  • Property valuation modeling
  • Creative solutions from a national perspective for local risks
  • Efficient communication with lenders and third parties during loan structures
  • AIR catastrophe modeling to understand your exposure to hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Flood analysis
  • Captive solutions for owners with large residential portfolios

Connect with our real estate specialists to ensure your properties are adequately protected and prepared to weather any storm — natural or man-made.

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