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Construction projects can be dangerous, complicated, and ultimately rewarding when complete. You have deadlines to meet, safety regulations to comply with, heavy equipment to operate, and detailed blueprints to bring to life. All of these pieces come with their own set of risks as you manage your project from design and financing to the grand opening.

It is critical to ensure your crews and project are adequately protected with a comprehensive risk management plan that starts with identifying and mitigating risks in the early stages of your planning. A well-constructed plan includes risk factors such as safety, finances, legal constraints, project management, and environmental impacts.

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Risk Strategies team of construction insurance specialists and risk advisors excel in providing you with real-time information from the field, equipping you with the tools to proactively manage your unique risks. Looking at all potential risks around your procedures, protocols, and programs, we’ll make sure that ongoing and potential risks are discovered and covered.

Whether your project is a school, hospital, municipality, or private sector commercial building, we will guide you in the assessment of your risk, developing safety plans, training, and enforcement. Your risk management support from Risk Strategies is tailored to your needs and can cover:

  • Onsite Safety
  • Safety & Loss Control
  • Loss Analysis
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Environmental Review
  • Claims Management & Advocacy
  • And more

We will dig into each phase of your project, from the design process and pre-construction to contract review and property sale, to help manage your risk so you can prepare for the unexpected.

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