Local Expertise 

Regional Structure, Locally Managed

Our regional retail structure realizes significant client, cultural, and business benefits.

We have a network of talented employees and specialty practices in more than 200 regionally-managed U.S. offices, in Canada and the Caribbean. Our national footprint is supported by teams who are close to our clients so we can deliver local expertise, insights, and advice.

The regional structure was designed to put our employees and expertise on the ground, where our clients are. We have people across a five-region footprint, and that is a major advantage. Our regional structure is the framework for connectivity and collaboration amongst all our teams – across divisions, practices, and geography.

Benefits of Being Local

Our model fosters strong opportunities and advantages for our employees, from producers to sales and support teams. Together, we can provide more career development, foster individual and collective successes, and champion innovation and solutions. Plus, we can hire and retain the best talent, wherever that person is.


How New Companies Fit

We’ve welcomed many new companies over the years, and the regional structure is the focal point where all field resources can come together as one.

As each new company joins the Risk Strategies family, we embrace and champion their expertise and specialization. We strive for a win/win, as each new division adds to our specialized expertise, and we are committed to providing opportunities and a broader platform to each.

Regional Map_4.3.23