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Cyber Liability Insurance specialists expertly match risk to coverage

Business runs on technology and people. Risk Strategies Cyber Liability insurance specialists have the experience, tailored coverage, and resources to help your business manage today’s rapidly evolving cyber risks and liabilities.

As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, new and unprecedented risks emerge — from cyber liability to technology errors and omissions, professional liability, media liability, and more. Our Cyber Liability insurance team has the scope of products and deep expertise you need to meet today’s challenges:

  • Ransomware risks continue to rise as increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals are more adept at identifying sensitive information and extorting huge sums from victims
  • Data breaches extracting personally identifiable information and misdirecting financial transactions have significant potential for a costly investigation, litigation, and reputational harm
  • Increased technology reliance opens organizations to business interruption from malicious attacks, human error, or technological malfunction
  • Third-party vendors and service providers are also susceptible to cyberattacks and technology failures, leaving your business open to supply chain disruptions and crippling financial damage

Facing increasing cyber threats, stringent regulations, and potentially significant financial and reputational harm, Risk Strategies Cyber Liability insurance specialists can deliver comprehensive products and services to keep you safe, including:

  • Assessment and Analytics - For key vulnerabilities, threats, claims trends, loss modeling, and limit benchmarking
  • Risk Mitigation - Providing action plans for areas of improvement with tabletop exercises, employee training, and incident response planning
  • Comprehensive Cyber Coverage - Specialty market knowledge, broad real-world experience, and strong relationships with key insurers at the best available price
  • Cyber Resolute - A proprietary, market-leading coverage solution for clients under $250M in revenue, underwritten by Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions
  • Dedicated Cyber Risk Response and Claims Advocacy - Including specialty claims advocates and in-house counsel to deal with coverage issues and ensure maximum recovery under your policy
  • 24/7 Monitored Email and Phone Hotline - So you can contact our team about data security incidents at any time of the day or night

Connect with the Risk Strategies Cyber Liability insurance team to get a specialist approach to your risk.

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