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As one of your organization’s top expenses, your benefits program needs to work effectively, supporting and achieving your business goals while staying within budget. Risk Strategies’ team of actuarial, management, and underwriting professionals drive trustworthy modeling, forecasting, and budget projections.

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Data and analytics services offered include: 

  • Financial Modeling & Reserve Analysis
    • Understand the future financial implications of making a significant change to your employee benefits program such as moving from a fully insured to a self-funded arrangement with an appropriate claim reserve.
  • Claims and Benchmarking Analysis
    • Engage in a claims and benchmarking analysis to reveal the key cost drivers within your benefits program. Gain insights designed to provide new perspective and recommendations effecting meaningful, practical changes in your plan design or current benefits strategy.
  • Underwriting & Actuarial Services
    • Access expertise that covers a full suite of actuarial services including experience analysis and rate review to network development and pricing. Our actuaries routinely manage complex and diverse projects and develop statistics, metrics, benchmarks, and models for testing rate adequacy and determining justifiable increases, analyzing trends, and more.

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Tony Williams, ASA, MAA, FCA

Director of Actuarial Services

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