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Reducing the risks while building

New ground-up construction, additions, renovations, and rehabs of existing buildings — no two projects are alike and the site risks involved are constantly evolving. Inflation, supply chain, and workforce issues have had a significant impact on larger projects. Budgets have climbed dramatically and construction timelines have been pushed out.

With so many factors in play, getting the risks — and the Builder’s Risk coverage — right takes specialty expertise.

The Risk Strategies Property Insurance team has the experience and expertise, as well as the retail and wholesale markets access to craft effective Builder’s Risk Insurance coverage for all types of projects.

Project type and intended use can alter risk and coverage considerations significantly, as can construction class — from joisted construction to non-combustible to reinforced concrete. Projects with natural catastrophe exposures and those involving any type of combustible construction and wood, such as mass timber and cross-laminated timber, present special coverage challenges.

Going on-site to see firsthand what will be built and meeting with project owners and contractors helps us build out key details about the coverage needs of your project and your site. We also conduct detailed project plan reviews for code and standards adherence to ensure a smooth transition to property insurance coverage upon project completion, with no engineering or underwriting issues.

Risk Strategies Property Insurance experts can also advise on robust risk mitigation practices to lessen your risk of loss from water damage, hot works, and other unique exposures during construction.

Get a Property Insurance program tailored to meet the needs and nuances of your particular industry and business.

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