Self-Funding – A Growth Opportunity

Self-Funding – A Growth Opportunity

In recent years there has been significant growth in self-funded health plans and likewise in medical stop loss insurance that protects those plans.   Risk Strategies Company has explored this phenomenon in a two-part whitepaper series available for download:

Self-funded Health Plans and Medical Stop Loss Insurance:  A Growth Combination (two-part whitepaper series)

Part-One:   Self-funded health plans and medical stop loss: a growth combination

Part-Two:  Self-funded health plans and medical stop loss: a growth combination for health insurers

In Part 1, you will gain a better understanding of the basics of self-funding, how the market has grown and why, and learn about medical stop loss insurance including level funding.  In Part 2, you will learn how to capitalize on this growth opportunity with the keys to a successful self-funded strategy for health insurers.

And now with the Department of Labor’s final ruling, small employers can band together by common geography or industry to form Association Health Plans, giving them the regulatory and economic advantages of large employers and enhancing their ability to self-fund, further increasing growth in medical stop loss.

We can help your organization define and implement a self-funded and medical stop loss insurance strategy.  You will have confidence knowing you have a complete solution in place.

Click here to download the whitepaper now.

Association Health Plan timeline:

9/1/2018   New and Existing Fully Insured AHPs can take advantage of the new regulations

1/1/2019   Existing associations sponsoring self-funded AHPs may take advantage of the new regs

4/1/2019  New associations sponsoring self-funded AHPs may begin.