Private Equity

In your high stakes world of mergers and acquisitions, complexity is risk and details matter. Identifying potential pitfalls and effective ways to avoid them is vital to protecting your assets and bottom line. It requires the right people with the right resources, strategy and skills.

Ranked among the top 25 full services insurance brokerages in the United States, Risk Strategies Company understands your challenges.

From identifying risks associated with the Affordable Care Act, representations and warranties, directors and officers and other property and casualty liabilities, you’ll get a partner that sweats the details to deliver comprehensive, innovative plans that eliminate surprises.

Every deal is different. Paint-by-number, standard operating procedures won’t get you where you need to go and can’t handle the unexpected. Charting a safe course to the most profitable outcome requires a team with the freedom to draw on expertise from outside the traditional insurance sector.

Your Risk Strategies team goes beyond routine; combining an experienced business perspective with specialized industry knowledge to create original, better ways of dealing with your specific circumstance.

The mergers and acquisitions landscape is ever changing. As your scope of activity expands and evolves, a wide range of services and capabilities ensures we can stay right where you need us - out in front, spotting issues and finding the best answers.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Before the Deal

  • Due Diligence Review
  • Identification of Liabilities
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Use of Purchasing Power
  • Premium & Loss Forecasting


During the Transaction

  • Reps & Warranties Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Run-Off / Tail Coverage
  • Environmental Insurance
  • Protection for Insurable Interests


After the Deal

  • Portfolio Transition
  • Documentation Management
  • Claim and Risk Control Service Installation
  • Cost Allocation & Risk Financing


Ongoing Management

  • Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Portfolio day-to-day needs
  • Claim Advocacy & Safety Management
  • Benchmarking & Trending
  • Exit Strategy & Preparation