Safety and Loss Prevention

Accidents injure both the personnel involved and your business; costing time, money and production. Risk Strategies Company safety professionals can show you a holistic approach to loss prevention that won’t compromise worker safety or production goals. It’s a method that efficiently coordinates all available means for identifying and eliminating or controlling hazards and risks associated with work activities to:

  • Minimize personal injury
  • Achieve greater efficiency
  • Reduce direct and indirect cost of operations
  • Mitigate property risks
  • Decrease business interruptions

Collaboration builds long term success. Stakeholders working together across all facets of loss prevention - from life and vehicle safety to property and environmental protection - helps safety become an ingrained part of your company’s operating DNA, reducing both exposure to loss and your overall costs.

Risk Strategies Safety and Property Professionals cultivate strong working relation- ships with key members of your management team including finance, operations, facilities, health and safety and human resources department.

A critical needs assessment and risks map, developed in close cooperation with your team through an extensive Exposure Analysis, identifies your top risks, measures the likelihood and potential severity of losses and evaluates current risk management practices, operations and procedures. This same exposure analysis process will assess your fire and loss prevention readiness at major facilities, and if applicable, your reliance on key suppliers.

Risk analysis and prevention

  • Loss control services specific to client and business need
  • Insurer loss control and vendor management
  • Safety and loss prevention best practices development
  • Accident Investigation & Claim Analysis
  • Online, on-site and fleet safety and loss control training
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Independent and coordinated insurer site surveys
  • Catastrophe Modeling
  • Ergonomics Analysis
  • Analysis of Insured Values at Risk including contingent and direct business interruption exposures
  • Review of policy limits against potential claims
  • Due Diligence Reports for New Locations or Acquisition
  • Assistance with Regulatory Compliance (i.e. OSHA & Boiler Inspections)
  • Environmental assessment & mitigation
  • Industrial hygiene consultation

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