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Private Risk

Jennifer Kryz is the Director/National Claims Practice.  Jennifer has 30 years of experience in claims ranging across professional Liability including Cyber and D&O, as well as Property and Casualty and Private Client/Family Office Risk.  As the head of the Transportation Team, Jennifer also handles large and complex Automobile and Property claims.  Jennifer is a licensed broker in Ohio.

Property & Liability

Mike Bostley is the Director/National Claims Practice.  A licensed broker in New York, Mike specializes in large and complex Property and Liability claims including areas that cover Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Theaters and Venues and Entertainment Risk.  Mike has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Executive and Cyber Risk

Michael Tang is the Vice President of the claims department. His focus is on Executive Risk, Cyber Risk and property and casualty claims. With over 22 years of claims experience, primarily on Executive Risk, reporting and managing claims as well as disputing claims denials. He holds a Masters in Insurance Management and is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter.


Jeannie Chapman is a Senior Claims Consultant of Claims. She has spent 36 years in the insurance industry and her primary focus is on Transportation claims. Jeannie has worked on multiple lines of commercial coverages, including transportation, automobile, construction, property and liability. Jeanie is a licensed broker in Ohio. She also holds an Associate in Claims designation from the IIA.

Fine Art

Kristina Marcigliano is a Senior Account Executive, Claims Specialist with a focus on Fine Art claim, with nearly a decade of experience. She has extensive knowledge on the claims side of the business. Kristina uses her understanding of insurance programs available to both dealers and collectors to help clients. Kristina is a licensed broker in New York and holds a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist designation.

Higher Education

Holly Woods is a Senior Claims Consultant. Her knowledge is in Higher Education claims. With over 24 year of experience, Holly has expertise to cover large commercial claim, real estate management and financial institutions, with a focus on higher education. Holly is a licensed broker in Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut. She holds Associate designations in General Insurance, Insurance services and Customer Service.

Workers' Compensation

Mike Deemer is the Claims Team Leader for Worker’s Compensation. Mike focuses on Worker’s Compensation claims for Risk Strategies. He also uses his expertise to focus on General Liability, Automobile, Property, EPL and D&O risks. He services as a liaison for clients to help facilitate the claims process.  Mike has his Associate in Claims Designation.


Ellen Fong is an Associate Claims Director. Ellen specializes in Entertainment Risk, Theatres, Venues, Wrap-ups and Property Management Risk including Commercial and Residential Resl Estate Risks. Ellen is a licensed broker in New York


Claims Advocacy Case Examples

Higher Education

A higher education client sought help on a claim they had reported and handled independently. The claim involved allegations of abuse of a student and it was reported to the professional legal liability carrier and the general liability carrier as well. While the client originally worked with the carriers to agree to resolve the claim on a 50/50 basis, complexities within the claim caused panic and resulted in the PLL carrier withdrawing their offer. Risk Strategies stepped in and worked with the client to bring the PLL carrier back to the table and agree to their original offer to cover 50% of the payment amount.

Workers' Compensation

An environmental client was penalized for a specific amount by a Workers' Compensation Board, alleging the client was uninsured on a claim. The Risk Strategies Claim Advocacy team advised the client to hold off on paying until the situation was reviewed. After extensive research, it was determined the client was insured at the time of the incident. The Workers' Compensation Board acknowledged the error and the penalty was cleared.

Property & Casualty

A public transit authority client sought assistance from Risk Strategies in pursuing subrogation due to their extremely high property deductible after a contractor working for the client struck and damaged a security gate. After approximately six months of pursuing subrogation on behalf of the client, the Claims Advocate Team was successful in getting a full recovery, less depreciation, for the client. 

Transportation & Cargo

The client filed a cargo claim after their container was damaged by fire in transit. Due to the movement of the vessel, the carrier was unable to inspect the cargo for months, ultimately frustrating the client for lack of updates and progress on the claim. Risk Strategies agents and the Claims Advocacy team set up calls with the client to hear their concerns as well as the third party administrator handling the claim for the carrier. After little progress was made, Risk Strategies moved to file a complaint with the carrier to escalate the claim. Finally, the carrier did send payment to the client.

Private Client

The client had a water damage claim and hired a Public Adjustor, which requires Risk Strategies to be "hands-off" during the process. When the client could not gain relief and the carrier was not helping, he asked for help. The Claims Advocacy team worked with the client and carrier directly to speed up and smooth the process, reducing the fear the client had around the process, much of which was being held up by the Public Adjustor. In the end, Risk Strategies was able to help the client get payment from the carrier and allow the client to move forward with their restoration.


The client received a phishing email where the sender posed at the CEO of the company and requested employee W2's. An insured employee responded to the email request. The client made a claim to the carrier and they were provided coverage for beach counsel but because there had been no Unauthorized Access to the System or Written Records, privacy notification expenses would not be covered. Risk Strategies stepped in, disputed the carrier's position and argued there should be coverage under Reputational Liability. The carrier agreed and covered expenses for the client's retention.

Executive Risk

Our client received a subpoena and a claim was submitted to the carrier. However, the carrier advised that the subpoena did not, in fact, institute a claim. Risk Strategies stepped in for the client and reviewed both the subpoena and the policy then wrote a rebuttal for the insured client and send it to the carrier. The carrier accepted Risk Strategies coverage position and agreed to cover costs for the defense counsel who assisted the client in responding to the subpoena.

Claims Incident Forms

If there is one thing you can count on, it is expecting the unexpected. Being prepared can help your business properly defend claims and lawsuits. The key is recording vital information as soon as possible. Have these forms and instructions at the ready in case you are involved in an incident.

Need Claim Help Now?

At Risk Strategies, we know claims don't always happen during business hours. To help our clients, we have a dedicated after hours claims hotline and email so you can reach us anytime. Contact us via email or voice mail and a dedicated account manager or claims advocate will respond quickly to learn more about your claim, gather information for submission to the carrier, provide guidance and, if needed, recommend mitigation companies that can come to your property right away.

Claims Hotline: 800-363-0067 or 212-338-4336

Claims Email: claims@risk-strategies.com

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