Don’t Muddy Your Balance Sheet

Team Approach

Taking both a qualitative and quantitative approach, Risk Strategies can help analyze historical, operational, and future exposures to all aspects of risk to recommend both insurance and non-insurance solutions. This includes a close study of key drivers to determine which may be negatively affecting operations. 

Risk Strategies also offers a suite of tools, methods and processes that help identify ways to reduce operational costs and environmental legacy. These include:

  • Contract Review
  • Insurance to replace or backstop indemnity obligations
  • Protection Excess of an Indemnity Basis
  • Transfer of Allocated Risk to an Insurance Carrier
  • Environmental Liability Buyout by a Third Party
  • Negotiation strategies on environmental risks, purchase/sale price considerations, and disposition of liabilities
  • Risk Management options for decision making process
  • "Fencing in" risks and improving value post-transaction performance 
Start Protecting Your Business

Start Protecting Your Business