Environmental Liability Insurance

Environmental liability is complex and can touch every aspect of your business – from people to property. Risk Strategies is a true specialist with the experienced focus and market access you need to  understand and manage your specific environmental risks and liabilities.


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Helping Environment Liability Clients

Our environmental practice offers insurance products that help mitigate risks, such as pollution liability coverage that includes remediation, property damage, bodily injury, pre-existing and new contamination, transportation, non-owned disposal sites, emergency response and regulatory changes.


Our team understands the long-tail extent of environmental liabilities, regulatory and compliance requirements, and risks to businesses, contractors and lenders. With Risk Strategies’ strong and historic standing in the market, we have the knowledge and expertise required to help protect your business from costly environmental exposures.

We help clients understand how environmental vulnerabilities impact everything from employee safety to property damage to remediation costs, all of which impact the bottom line. Our specialty focus allows us to take a deep dive into the unique environmental risks your business faces, including: deep dive into the unique environmental risks your business faces, including:

  • Cradle-to-grave liability, such as strict, joint and several liability
  • Shifting approaches to regulatory requirements, enforcement and litigation
  • Changing remediation standards that allow the government to reopen cases
  • Proliferation of previously unknown environmental conditions like PFAS and communicable diseases
  • Historical and operational liabilities driven by remediation costs and toxic tort
  • Environmental claims stemming from operational risks
  • Costly remediation projects impacted by unexpected and unidentified conditions

Our offerings within the environmental practice are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. With solutions that cover nearly every possibility, we can create a plan that protects you from risks like pollution, contamination and more.

  • Pollution legal liability to cover cleanup costs, pre-existing or new contamination, bodily injury, property damage, legal defense, regulatory changes, third-party diminution of value, income, non-owned disposal sites, transportation emergency response, and mold and legionella
  • Remediation cost cap that provides protection when the cost of a remediation project exceeds the cleanup costs or existing conditions caused by contractors on site
  • Secured creditor protection for lenders when a borrower defaults and protects lenders against assuming environmental liabilities
  • Environmental liability transfer by providing balance sheet relief
  • Combined environmental, general liability and professional package programs

When you’re facing the most pressing business challenges, maximizing your success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies, you get a dedicated risk management consultant and partner with in-depth industry knowledge and 25 specialty practices. We partner with our clients to develop focused, cost-driven, strategic approaches to managing and reducing environmental risks. Large risks are our specialty, and every risk management advisor is equipped with deep knowledge of your industry, making us better able to provide actionable and solution-oriented approaches to your policy.

  • Mitigate cradle-to-grave risk
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of historical, operational and future exposures
  • Deep experience in technical resources to resolve complex, long-duration environmental problems
  • Routine analysis and development for insurance and non-insurance solutions to determine that all aspects of risk have been identified and addressed
  • Pareto Principle approach to examine key drivers that may negatively impact operations and environmental reserves

Joe Quarantello, National Environmental Practice Leader, SVP - jquarantello@risk-strategies.com

Janet LeBlanc, Environmental Account Manager - jleblanc@risk-strategies.com

Devil in the Details

Case Study

Devil in the Details

A developer wanted to buy a site that had been dormant for over 20 years. Unfortunately, it had lingering groundwater and soil issues. To get project funding, the developer needed to obtain regulatory closure for the known conditions.

Risk Strategies’ Environmental team suggested a unique solution: apply deed restrictions on the problematic areas and modify the development plan to use the building as part of the remedy for cleanup.

One solution would be to use parking lots instead of underground garages. So the soil wouldn't have to be removed, and it would cap the soil in place. After securing “substantial completion” from the contractors, Risk Strategies negotiated with the insurance carrier to meet regulatory closure on soil issues, paving the way for the developer to secure project funding.


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Joe Quarantello

Leadership Profile

Joe Quarantello

Senior Vice President

A born problem solver, Joe has over 35 years of environmental and liability insurance experience, much of it solving complex challenges for Fortune 100 Companies. Prior to Risk Strategies, he was Northeast Environmental Practice Leader and Senior Vice President at Marsh & McLennan Companies, a Vice President at Aon Risk Services and a Casualty Underwriter at Sentry Insurance.