Making Administration Easy

Communication Content Management

Ensuring your employees understand all of their benefits and get the most from them requires clear, compelling, and ongoing communications. With Risk Strategies, clients have help simplifying message delivery and educating employees using a multi-channel approach that covers email, texts, onsite events, and access to online portals to help your employees stay up-to-date and connected.

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Online Plan Management Tools

Risk Strategies clients can rely on an employer-facing online dashboard to quickly access key benefits information. Through these portals, you can view plan documents, forms, rate information, enrollment counts, and more. These tools also enable you to run modeling projections and try out alternative plan designs to see how those changes would impact your budget and your employees.

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Online Enrollment

Want your employees learning, interacting, and enrolling in their benefits seamlessly? Risk Strategies can help. We create easy to use online benefits enrollment portals that help your employees feel more confident about deciding which plans are right for them while reducing the time your team spends completing administrative tasks with your enrollment data.

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Plan Design Review, Benchmarking

Are you confident that your benefits program is living up to employee expectations or are you worried a competitor’s plans and perks might lure them away? Working with Risk Strategies means you get the data and analysis needed to develop a complete picture of your program, identify potential opportunities to improve it, and implement sound financial strategies.

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