Better Benefits, By Design

Benefit Plan Analysis

An employee benefits program is a key recruitment and retention tool – and a significant expense. Risk Strategies combines analytics, creativity, and industry experience to identify critical cost drivers and help contain them. Benchmarking reports, claims analysis, employee surveys and focus groups, as well as expert insight on funding strategy and plan design changes will guide your decisions and protect benefit value.

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Financial Modeling

While exploring alternative and innovative funding strategies, it’s critical to understand the potential financial implications. Risk Strategies’ experts help clients learn, in real-time, how changes to funding strategy and plan designs will impact their budget. With the right data, you can confidently deliver a benefits program that aligns with your financial objectives.

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Carrier Selection & Management

Choosing the right insurance carrier affects how employees view the quality of your benefits program. But, not all carriers are equipped or incentivized to meet your particular needs. With Risk Strategies, you’ll have an unbiased, highly experienced team of experts to offer insight and advice on picking the right carriers. In addition, our team will help ensure that the level of service offered by your carriers is proactively monitored and measured year-round.

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International Benefits

Whether you have employees traveling out of the country or are expanding your hiring practices globally, you’ll need experts who can deliver advice and guidance on international employee benefits. With Risk Strategies as your global partner, you’ll be able to offer comprehensive international coverage that protects your company’s assets and your employee’s health and welfare – no matter where they live and work.

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