Smarter Cyber Defense

Incident Response Planning

A well-defined Incident Response Plan puts you in control, helping mitigate costly disruption when dealing with a breach. Risk Strategies' comprehensive approach to Cyber Risk management delivers more than great insurance. You get expert guidance in crafting a thorough Incident Response Plan that aligns with your Cyber Risk coverage while allowing your business to respond effectively and without interruption.

Tabletop Exercises

When it comes to Cyber Risk threats, no two incidents are alike. Testing response plans against real-life data breach scenarios is critical to improve coordination and outcomes. Risk Strategies clients can access expert-moderated workshops for key stakeholders to learn best responses to Data Security incidents.

Employee Training

Cyber Risk often goes beyond just technology – people can be the biggest challenge. Risk Strategies works with technology partners to offer clients and their employees' access to web-based training sessions that help keep their cybersecurity awareness sharp and prepares them to identify potential social engineering threats.

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