Consulting Safety Services

When you have lives and safety at stake in complex work and regulatory environments, you need a specialist. Risk Strategies takes a focused, specialst approach to helping you identify and manage your risks.

Helping Safety Services Clients

Risk Strategies Consulting Safety Services Practice is primed by our industry specialist, Pro Safety Services. We believe that safety is at the core of every successful business, so it’s essential to have a robust comprehensive safety program in place. We provide all-inclusive safety management and loss control services, and always have safety on the mind. Our team is comprised of certified professionals in every industry, and we have been providing services to construction and general industry entities since 1998. No matter the size of your organization, we’re ready to help you protect every worker in your business.

With new laws and regulations occurring at a regular pace, safety measures are constantly changing. We understand those changes and have a team of certified safety professionals, certified industrial hygienists, licensed site safety managers and coordinators, licensed concrete safety managers, construction safety & health technicians, and OSHA safety trainers ready to provide support for any business. Some of the top issues we see include:

  • Corporate and site specific safety plans without the appropriate management for safety and health environments
  • Compliance for OSHA and other regulatory agencies, insurance specific standards, rules, policies, procedures and protocols
  • Work-related accidents, corrective actions and increased insurance costs
  • Unknown safety and health issues on job sites

Our offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients across a range of industries including infrastructure and building construction; manufacturing, hospitals, municipalities, power plants, sewage plants, convention centers, schools and recycling plants; and fleet safety. We create the right solution, always aiming for injury prevention and a safe workplace, but prepare you for any risk that may arise.

  • Developing and implementing effective corporate safety and health programs to reduce incidents and insurance costs
  • Auditing facilities or projects to identify hazards and/or potential hazard sites
  • Providing statistical data to identify frequent hazard zones and help mitigate issues
  • Consultation and development through the OSHA process including informative newsletters for workplace locations and other compliance needs
  • Safety training for industry standards or hazardous requirements

When you’re facing the most pressing business challenges, maximizing your success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies’, you get a dedicated risk management consultant and partner with in-depth industry knowledge and 25 specialty practices.

We guide you through finding the right solutions every step
of the way. In addition to our passion for cultivating a safe workplace, we
give our clients the tools to conduct proper training and analysis proactively,
not retroactively. Our services are available weekly, monthly, annually, or semi-annually and include but not limited to:

  • Full-time or part-time dedicated safety representatives to provide organizations the support needed to perform all the functions expected of a safety department
  • Site-specific or corporation-wide safety program development and implementation that will reduce insurance costs
  • Hazard safety training for employees on-site, seven days a week

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