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Key Person’s Life Insurance

When it comes to assets, you can’t afford to undervalue your people. The unexpected loss of a key person can cripple your operations. Protect your business with a life and/or disability policy taken out by your business as a beneficiary in the event of the death or disability of a key employee. This type of policy is also called key executive coverage or key employee coverage.

Key Person’s Life Insurance

Buy/Sell Agreement Funding

Just as you plan for your family’s future by drafting a will or a trust, a buy-sell agreement is the foundation of a business succession plan. Risk Strategies can help you understand affordable and effective ways to fund a buy-sell agreement so you can be sure the money you need to pay heirs and keep the business moving will be there.

Buy/Sell Agreement Funding

Disability Income Protection

Take care of the people who keep your business running. A valuable benefit for your key employees, disability insurance helps your staff if they are unable to work due to sickness or injury. By replacing a portion of their income, disability insurance can help them protect their financial security until they get back on their feet and return to work.

Business Perpetuation Planning

What’s going to happen to your business (and your employees) when you’re not there anymore? Many successful business owners sell their business when faced with unexpected circumstances, or when they wish to retire. Risk Strategies can help you navigate and execute a consistent and well-thought-out perpetuation plan to protect the company you spent years building.

Personal Insurance – Home, Auto, and More

Your business, while important, is only one part of your life. Risk Strategies can help you safeguard your life as a whole by partnering with you to protect your home, your auto and your family with the right coverage today.

And our dedicated team of financial experts can help you reach your goals and secure your future through active planning and management of everything from annuities to long-term care and estate planning.

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